$40.00 NZD

PositiveSSL is one of the most popular and inexpensive SSL certificates in the industry. This hassle-free certificate is the ideal choice for websites where the brand's trust is already established and organization verification is not needed. It's ideal for securing low-volume e-commerce websites.

Single Domain
$10,000 Warranty
$50.00 NZD

RapidSSL is an ideal choice for securing new, small and medium-sized businesses and web pages with limited traffic. RapidSSL is an affordable, domain-validated certificate and is usually issued within minutes. It provides strong 128-/256-bit encryption and comes with a free "Secured by RapidSSL” site seal.

Single Domain
$10,000 Warranty

$125.00 NZD

QuickSSL Premium
QuickSSL Premium is suitable for heavy-traffic e-commerce sites that handle critical customer data. In addition to popular web browsers, QuickSSL Premium supports most mobile and smartphone browsers. This certificate can be purchased in your choice of configurations. As a single-domain certificate (i.e. one common name) or as a multi-domain cert (regular certificate + SAN pack - Subdomains only).

Multiple Subdomains
$500,000 Warranty

$380.00 NZD

True BusinessID Multi-Domain
True BusinessID Multi-Domain is a strong, business-level SSL solution for a very reasonable price! With True BusinessID Multi-Domain, you get support for multiple names, organization validation, mobile browser support, a $1,250,000 warranty, and a money-back guarantee. You can't beat this deal.

Additional Domains. First 5 domains included!
Multiple Domains
$1,250,000 Warranty

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